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About Us

About Us

At Barra we pride ourselves in world class construction and building scopes that are the pinnacle of excellence. Whether you are on the hunt for a trophy buck or participating in a shooting competition, our riflescopes are durable, reliable, and crystal clear. We confidently stand behind our Diamond Warranty that a Barra scope is the only scope you will ever need. Join the Legend - immerse yourself in the Barra family of scopes. Defy limits and reach the peak of your performance.

As the team behind Barra Optics, we know what it takes to build quality rifle scopes. Through Barra’s creation, we have learned that there's so much more to becoming a great company than simply producing an outstanding product. What does Barra believe in?

  • No-Nonsense Customer Service that Puts You First
  • A World-Class Warranty
  • Open Dialogue with our Biggest Fans and Strongest Critics
  • Riflescopes You Can Rely On

Stand with Us. Grow with Us. Become a Barra Legend.