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Barra Hero series riflescopes are essential tools for shooters who want to explore the limits of performance. Barra Heroes exude confidence and splendor while maintaining a pragmatic sense of duty and purpose. Solidly constructed and robust, yet sleek and ergonomically oriented. Vermont to Colorado. The Barra Hero can lead you there. Whether the timer is counting or your trophy buck senses that he’s your target, seize the moment. The Barra Hero will help you select and acquire your target before opportunity escapes you.

It's time you joined the exclusive MP Family of Barra Optics Rifle Scopes. This world-class series brings the best of Barra to the table. These rifle scopes are optimized to offer you the exact specifications you need in your premium scope. Get to hunting, shooter - join the MP Family - only by Barra. 

MP Family Riflescopes SeriesW/E Click ValueZero StopIlluminationReticleFocal PlanePriceAdd to Cart
MP 2.5-10X50SF1/4 MOANoNoMildot Duplex2
MP 4-16X50SF1/4 MOANoNoMildot Duplex1
MP 12-60X56SF1/10 MOANoNoMildot Duplex2

Do you have what it takes to join the FT Family of Rifle Scopes by Barra Optics? This premium line offers state-of-the-art lens quality  and extra-durable build construction. Our Hero FT Family products represent the best of what we at Barra believe in - this is excellence through simplicity - this is Barra. 

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